College Track

For the past four years, Sac High students have been admitted into the College Track program, where they develop the skills necessary to thrive in college and beyond. 

College Track is the most comprehensive college completion program in the country. Our scholars leverage our 10-year integrated program to confront systemic barriers and become the first in their family to earn a bachelor’s degree, utilizing that degree to launch into a meaningful career.

The scholars and alumni that are part of this program are creating their own pathways of opportunity, choice, purpose, and power. Over the past 25 years, College Track has developed a dynamic, responsive, and innovative approach to college preparation and access, and college success and graduation.

College Track’ partners with high school scholars and their families in 12 communities across the country, including Sacramento, and their community of nearly 5,000 alumni, high school, and college scholars are leading a national college completion movement and opening up doors of opportunity for generations to come. 

Learn more about the perks of joining College Track, eligibility requirements, and the application process at:, or contact College Track Executive Site Director, Luisana Victorica at