Welcome Sac High Alumni!

Established in 1856, Sac High is the second oldest high school west of the Mississippi. Home of the Dragons, the purple and white, Sac High has a rich history and tradition. You remain a cherished part of our school’s legacy.

Your journeys beyond Sacramento High School shape your personal stories and enrich our broader school community. The insights and experiences you’ve gathered along the way are invaluable to us. We genuinely want to keep our bond strong by hearing about the milestones you’re achieving and the dreams you’re pursuing. We’re also excited to update you on the latest happenings here in Oak Park, CA. Please know that our doors are always open to you and we cannot wait to give you a warm Dragon Welcome. GOOOOOO DRAGONS!!

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​We hope to see you soon!

Upcoming Class Reunions

If you would like to share an upcoming Sac High Class reunion, please send your event date, time, location, contact information and website to

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